The Ponderosa High School Foundation has the primary focus to raise funds and promote the enhancement of Ponderosa High School for every Bruin. The Ponderosa High School (PHS) Foundation was established in January 2004 by a group of caring community members.  Our goal is to be able to make philanthropic giving as effective as possible.  We are a public charity.  Our common vision is to enhance the quality of education for the students at Ponderosa High School. If you are interested in more information about serving on our Board of Directors please contact the foundation via pondofoundation@gmail.com

What we do

Grant Giving: Since 2005 teachers have applied for grants from the Ponderosa High School Foundation. The foundation has awarded over $60,000 in teacher grants. Some fantastic examples of grants are; cook tops for the cooking program, keyboards, physics field trips, FFA jackets, special education grants, sheet music, robotics league competitions, a brain, graphing calculators, stethoscopes, reading books, smart board camera, lab coats, classroom tools, and desk bike pedals for special education. We have donated to nearly every subject area and department on campus impacting every Bruin.

Student Scholarships: Since 2005 over $27,000 in student scholarships have been awarded. Each year Bruin students have been applying for Ponderosa High School Foundation scholarships. Based on money raised one or more students have been awarded small scholarships to help towards their continuing education.


2005 – Micah Price

2008 – Lane Bacchi

2010 – Kelsey Wolf

2011 – Jenna Lambert

2012 – Asher Dubin and Emily Sept

2014 – Caitlin Bandera and Emily Fowler

2015 – Gina Phillipsen and Tristan Hunter

2016 – Jody Huber, Alexandra Nisson and Darlene Aguiar

2017 – Natalie Palmer, Jacquelyn Silverbush and Elizabeth Gilligan

2018 – Gabrielle Vellue, Mikayla Emlay and Camryn Wilson

2019 – Annetoinette Acosta, Claire Cockrell

2020 – Katie Felton, Tori Bernal